Introducing new industry standards for warehousing and logistics in Sri Lanka, Maxims Holdings declares opening of their modern state-of-the-art warehousing facilty in January 2019

The warehouse is located approximately 11km away from the commercial capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo, the busy metropolis of the island where businesses thrive.

Maxims Holdings Warehouse conforms to the latest industry guidelines where safety of the storage material is guaranteed from the unloading bay to the point of releasing goods. The storage process is streamlined in such a way with modern technology that enables the staff to efficiently handle the process with minimum chaos. Unlike most other warehousing facilities in the country where these spaces are merely used for storage sake, Maxims Holdings Warehouse boasts a series of air conditioned office rooms, machine areas and quality control labs.

Main areas in the double height warehousing facility

  • Office space for Factory Manager
  • Office space for Asst. Factory Manager
  • Office space for Tea Bagging Manager
  • Cool room to store flavors
  • Quality controlling lab
  • Tea blending area
  • Tea Bag machine area
  • Tea packet machine area.
  • Production area
  • Machine and maintenance room
  • Air compressor room
  • Factory staff pantry and washrooms
  • Raw material store
  • Packing material store
  • Finish goods store
  • Loading and unloading bay
  • Generator room
  • Forklift charging area
  • Worker changing/restrooms, canteen and washrooms


The warehouse entrance features multi vehicle access supported by motorized wide opening gates. The entrance area is overlooked by a security control room kept under surveillance 24/7 by CCTV cameras. This control unit is also equipped with an interconnected alarm system for operational use and emergencies.

Loading and Unloading Areas

The main loading and unloading bay can accommodate up to four 40 feet containers at the same time. Two out of the four bays are equipped with dock levelers. The warehouse also features two more loading and unloading bays on the sides which can accommodate 20 feet containers.


With a wide network of CCTV cameras in perimeter and within the premises, Maxims Holdings Warehouse is kept under surveillance 24/7.

Power Supply

The warehouse is powered by the main grid via a CEB transformer with a backup power supply from a 638KVA generator on standby.

Fire and Safety

The warehousing premises conforms to the international standards for fire and safety with a dedicated fire protection system with fire detection units, fire hydrants and firefighting equipment mounted at identified locations. The building also has a water storing sump as per the fire department standards.

Warehouse Racking and Handling

With the objective of maximizing storage space utilization, Maxims Holdings has installed a modern racking system with electric pellet trucks and narrow fork lift machines (aisle master).


Ventilation is a primary concern in warehouse management. Maxims Holdings Warehouse is amply ventilated by electrical ventilators along with windows that help maintain optimum aeration conditions within the storage premises.


The warehouse has adopted smart energy conservation methods to maximize use of natural light during day to light up the premises. A special arrangement of the roof allows the natural light to pass through to illuminate the inside of the warehouse which uses energy saving CFL and LED lighting when necessary.

Parking and Landscape

A dedicated area avails parking space for management, staff and visitors. The well raised and landscaped garden area features a storm water drainage system to avert clogging during rainy season.

Processing Area Flooring

The processing areas of the warehouse are built in compliance with international food safety requirements with tiles/epoxy flooring.

IT and Communication

Opening access to the cyber world and achieve utmost efficiency in information sharing, Maxims Holdings Warehouse office areas are covered by a data cabling system and a telephone system along with a main server room.